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Damon system - self-ligating brackets


In our office we use self-ligating brackets called DAMON, which are widespread and in our opinion they are definitely the best. Modern self-ligating brackets cause less friction between a bracket and wire than brackets with elastics, which makes the treatment easier and can make it faster up to 30%.

Little friction of brackets together with other features of Damon system allow us (in most cases) to straighten the teeth without pulling some teeth out.


Advantages of DAMON system compared to traditional brackets with elastics:

  • up to one third faster treatment

  • less often necessary to pull out teeth

  • wider and modern smile

  • fuller profile of lips after treatment

  • brackets are rounded and more comfortale than traditional brackets

  • white ceramic brackets won't turn yellow, they will stay white for the whole time of the treatment





Damon1 Damon2 Damon3


Damon brackets are available both in metal and ceramic design. Even ceramic Damon brackets don't need elastics holding a wire in the bracket and that's why they can't turn yellow. Elastics used with traditional ceramic brackets will change their colour just after a few weeks between visits. They will turn yellow (curry), brown (smoking, coffee), red (wine) or green (mojito) depending on food and drinks they come into contact with.


MUDr. Ondřej Suchý:

Mudr. ondřej suchý- small

"We achieve the best results using fixed braces Damon and removable Invisalign. Although other types of braces we offer will help you achieve a perfect result, the treatment is longer, more complicated, less comfortable and some extreme defects are even impossible to treat with other types of braces. That's why, if your financial situation allows you to do that, chose removable Invisalign. If you want to get a cheaper and fixed solution, I recommend Damon system."


Using Damon brackets itself doesn't mean a better treatment than using brackets and elastics.

It's necessary the doctor has been trained for using Damon system, which is a specific approach to straightening the teeth. Only few doctors in the Czech Republic have already started using this progressive method of straightening the teeth.

Using a conventional treatment doctors aim to mostly achieve a perfect occlusion. Damon technique puts stress on face and smile aestethics, not only during the treatment but it also takes ageing of the face into consideration. A patient's smile and face should look nice not only during the treatment but also in 20 or 30 years after that. That is very often forgotten using a traditional technique of straightening the teeth. Of courese, a perfect occlusion is a matter with Damon technique too.

During the treatment we try to achieve a wide smile. Not only it is the most beautiful one but it also works best against ageing of the face.

The best effect can be seen in older patients, whose appearance looks younger thanks to this method of straightening the teeth. The ideal number of visibile teeth (upper ones) is ten. Twelve teeth are preferred in the USA. Braces Damon and removable Invisalign, which we also use in accordance with Damon system, meet the requirements of this trend.


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