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Invisalign - the principle of straightening the teeth


Invisible aligners

A set of nearly invisible, removable aligners ensures the teeth move to straight position which has been arranged by doctor in special software. A number of aligners in the set is individual. It depends on seriousness of the treatment. Every aligner is worn continually for 7 days and then it's changed for another one. This way make teeth move to a desirable position. To make sure the Invisalign aligners work well, they need to be worn all the time apart from eating and brushing teeth.

How old is this technology?



In 1945 doctor H. D. Kiesling  predicted that modern technology will enable making sets of braces for straightening the teeth even in complex orthodontic treatment.  In 1999, company Align Technology turned this vision into reality. Using an advanced computer technology Align Technology makes personalised system Invisalign - sets of discreet aligners. Since than, continuous development enabled to treat more and more difficult cases.

When can I start the treatment?



If you haven't seen your dentist for 6 months, have your teeth checked and fixed. Contact us afterwards. The process of setting a plan and making Invisalign aligners is easier than with fixed braces. If you have chosen Invisalign, we recommend you to inform us about your choice right when you make an appointment. It will make the start of your treatment much faster. The treatment can usually start in  4 - 6 weeks after making a 3D scan of your teeth.

MUDr. Ondřej Suchý

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"If you can afford this type of braces, don't hesitate. It's the most comfortable, nearly invisible and very efficient type of braces."

Advantages of Invisalign braces


  • The braces are nearly invisible

  • Less frequent check-ups at orthodonist (usually every 3 months)

  • When your treatment starts, you will be shown how your teeth will look like after the treatment

  • Your teeth can be cleaned the same way as before the start of the treatment

  • You don't have to worry about pricking wires, fallen brackets, etc., which require an immediate visit of the office

  • Your food choice isn't limited. The aligners are removed before eating, so you can bite even the hardest foods.

More information on Invisalign aligners can be found on www.neviditelna-rovnatka-praha.cz

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