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Treatment starts

What to do and expect after having braces bonded

1) Teeth sensitivity

The most uncomfortable time with braces is a first week after their application. The teeth need to get used to that their are being moved. Their natural reaction is sensitivity. Teeth are sensitive when you bite into something. That's why it is important to eat only soft foods during the first week after bonding. Some patients think that if you don't experience pain during the treatment, the teeth aren't being straightened enough. The opposite is true though. When the teeth are sensitive at the begining of treatment, they aren't straightening yet. Right at the moment when the sensitivity disappears (aprox after a week), teeth start moving.

2) Cleaning teeth

During orthodontic treatment proper oral care is necessary. The easiest care is with Invisalign. They are removed for brushing the teeth and patients brush their teeth as they have done so far. Bonding fixed braces creates many new recesses. It's not necessary to brush the teeth after every meal. Twice a day will do, it has to be precise though. It is important to clean the whole surface of teeth. The most attention is needed for the surface under wires and between brackets and gums. We recommend getting a soft toothbrush with a high number of fibres. Turn a toothbrush diagonally from your gums and by small rotating movements clean the area between gums and brackets (pic. 1), then turn the toothbrush from the edge of teeth and clean again making small rotating movements (pic. 2). For pleasant feeling in your mouth it is good to clean the brackets themselves (pic. 3). Before bedtime it is recommended to use a big interdental brush and clean the area between brackets (pic. 4). We also recommend to use properly sized interdental tooth bruseh for brushing inbetween of the teeth.

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3) Food

Fixed braces can be bonded to your teeth only as much firmly  to allow us to debond them safely after the treatment. That's why it is important to avoid any hard foods (fried bread, nuts, carrots, etc.), as well as biting pencils, toothbrushes etc. to avoid loosening brackets from teeth. If a bracket becomes loose, it is important to make an appointment as soon as possible to have  a bracket repaired. A tooth, which isn't fixed with a bracket, will immediately start moving back to its original position. If a patient neglects to do this, eg. has a bracket repaired in a week, it means a tooth got distorted and we need to level it again. A week delay may mean the treatment will be 2-3 months longer!

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