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When only braces won't do



Carriere Motion CLear

A modern way of treating overjet. It is a bite jumping device which is attached at the beginning of the treatment and usually after 3-5 months it corrects the occlusion (the time spent with Carriere Motion depends on patient's compliance with wearing elastics). Afterwards we bond one of the braces (removable Invisalign or fixed braces) and we completely straighten the teeth to achieve perfect smile and bite. We use only Clear design of Carriere Motion appliance in our office.


Bite jumping device

A device which is attached to fixed braces one-sidedly or two-sidedly. It is used to treat distinctive overjet and bite asymmetry. It doesn't limit opening the mouth. It looks horrifying in the picture but in reality it doesn't cause any big problems. Furthemore, it is hardly visible from outside. It stays in the mouth for about 4-6 months. Thanks to this device we can often  (without extracting teeth) solve overjet even in those cases which couldn't have been solved without extracting the teeth.

jumping aparát pro miniaturu
kotevni implantat pro miniaturu

Temporary anchorage device (microscrew)

A titanium screw, which doctor screw into the bone between teeth roots. It's a painless procedure which takes about a minute. Microscrews caused revolution in our profession after having been introduced to the orthodontic market. They enable the teeth movement which was unfeasible before their introduction



Rubber rings which patients put on their braces or Invisalign by themself. They allow upper and lower teeth to move towards each other. They are used for treating a smaller overjet, crossbite and at the end of the treatment to evenly spread the contact between upper and lower teeth on as many teeth as possible.

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A fixed device which is used for widening a whole upper jaw. A patient (or parents, a partner) turn the screw on the palate which widens the device. During the process of widening a gap between the upper incisors appears. The gap closes itself after a few weeks. The device stays in the mouth for about 4 months. We use it only in children at the age of 8-9.


Fixed bite plate

A small plate behind the upper teeth which can very effectively raise the bite. It is used when the lower incisors bite into an upper palate. It is fixed in the mouth. This method is very efficient, it causes significant troubles with speech and oral care though. That's why we don't use this device in our office anymore.

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It is used to make the upper molars move and stop the upper jaw growing. This device isn't used in our office anymore. We have replaced it with microscrews and bite jumping devices.




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